Kamis, 04 September 2014

Honey face mask dry skin

Honey face mask dry skin Having a clean face, bright with average skin color is the dream of many women. No wonder so many skin whitening products are marketed. There was lightening and whitening cream products are safe, there are also Abal Abal whitening cream that can give harmful effects to health.

If you have problem skin color is uneven, there is a black stain spots acne scars and want to brighten the face, make it natural homemade masks.

Can Lemon Skin Lightening

Reported by lapetitefillexo, herbalist named Barbara Close of New York said that lemon is acidic fruit but has a pH or acid level which does not harm the skin. The content is what can brighten skin tone without making it dry. Skin color can be flat, black blemishes and brighten skin tone.

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