Kamis, 14 Agustus 2014

Benefits of lemon tea and green tea

Benefits of lemon tea and green tea How much green tea is needed? About 10 ounces each day. Green tea can also absorb fat and cholesterol in the blood vessels. Lose Weight Green tea can speed up the burning of calories in the body. This is good news for those who are fitness and trying to lose weight.

Benefits of lemon for the body:

    able to stimulate appetite
    cure constipation
    very effective cure vomiting - vomiting and flatulence
    can move quickly in normalizing digestive problems
    has the properties: fight bacteria
    cure diseases associated with bladder problems and kidney damage
    lowering high blood pressure excessive
    maintain healthy bones and teeth
    cure colds, influenza and malaria effectively
    very good for treating heart and nerves
    neutralize the blood sugar 

Useful content from lemons:


aahhh fresh lemon tea ..

i love ice lemon tea so much :)

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